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APTCH: Season 2 Episode 4 “What Your Heart Says” Episode Synopsis & Stills


Episode synopsis for Season 2 Episode 4: “What Your Heart Says”

At Sarah’s insistence, George, Olivia and Sarah visit James, determined to assess the truth of his treatment. Sarah is particularly affected, having gone through similar tortures, all in the name of recovery, when she suffered a nervous breakdown upon hearing of her husband’s death.


Episode Stills:




Although upset by James’ appearance, George is still prepared to give Dr. Milson’s methods the benefit of the doubt. Worried that George will fall for the doctor’s tactics, Sarah delivers George a passionate ultimatum – if he leaves his son in the hospital, their relationship is over. Although understanding of Sarah’s history, George makes it clear he will not let their relationship be used as a bargaining tool. Speaking from the heart, George seeks James’ forgiveness and helps him overcome Dr. Milson’s hold on his son.

They return to Ash Park, where Anna is distraught to learn what James has been through – and the truth about her brother’s sexuality. She struggles with the moral complexities of the situation and Carolyn can’t help but be proud of her daughter. It seems she really is a chip off the old block. However Jack finds it hard to be as open- minded, prompting Carolyn to invite him to a party, designed to broaden his horizons – and give him some space from his painful situation with Anna.

Olivia keeps a constant vigil beside her husband’s bed. When James has a physical reaction to seeing Amy (who reminds him of Harry, triggering his aversion therapy), she realises he must have formed an “affection” for the man. Although confronted, she takes comfort from the knowledge that James checked himself into hospital as a result – he put himself through hell in order to try to change. And when she realises just how vital she and the baby are to James, she is more committed to her marriage than ever.

The situation puts Anna in a predicament, forcing her to keep her first secret from Gino, who she knows would be sickened by James’ sexuality. It doesn’t sit well with her, and eventually she confesses that she’s keeping something from him, without going into details. Gino accepts her way of dealing with it without pushing her further.

Elizabeth returns to Ash Park and is devastated to discover that she failed to recognise James’ cry for help in the hospital. Expecting a barrage of disapproval over Anna’s engagement, the family is stunned when Elizabeth barely reacts, merely asking for any public announcement to be delayed until after Christmas.

When Jack discovers Sarah’s employment file is missing from the hospital, the penny finally drops for Sarah – Regina stole it to dig up dirt from her past. Sarah confronts Elizabeth, and despite her denial, both women know that Elizabeth is complicit. It also explains Elizabeth’s attitude of late – she’s been buying time. The knowledge forces Sarah to have to tell George her darkest secret – it will be far worse coming from someone else. But in doing so, will she lose the man she loves?