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Episode Guide: Season 2 Episode 5 – “The Ghosts Of Christmas Past”


Episode Guide: Season 2 Episode 5 – “The Ghosts Of Christmas Past”

Episode 2.05
Sunday, June 08, 2014
Ratings: 855,000 viewers (7th)
Written by Brooke Wilson
Directed by Lynn Hegarty

After Sarah reveals her horrific secret to George, their relationship is thrown into doubt. The Christmas soiree brings out Jack’s intimacy issues and Anna publicly humiliates Andrew.

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As Christmas approaches, the inhabitants of Ash Park are haunted by memories of Christmas’ past, the repercussions continuing to cast a long shadow over the years…

As Sarah feared, George is thrown into turmoil by the horrifying account of her concentration camp experiences at the hands of the Nazis. Despite his best intentions to rise above his initial reaction and support Sarah, George is awash with conflicting emotions – revulsion, pity, anger and shame. Sarah moves into the hospital for the Christmas period to give George the chance to come to terms with her past. Heartbroken, she throws herself into work, fearful for the future of their relationship.

Elizabeth is heartened by the tension between George and Sarah, assuming it is caused by differing attitudes towards James’ situation. But Sarah makes it clear that their issues are a direct result of Sarah being upfront about her past in an attempt to neutralise anything Regina may dig up. Her steel reminds Elizabeth once again that Sarah is a formidable adversary. As Christmas approaches, Elizabeth is haunted by memories of her connection to Jack’s father, and her fateful decision to put propriety before her own happiness…

Aware that he’ll never properly move forward unless he’s honest about his true nature, James takes Olivia and George to the scene of his kiss with Harry, challenging them to acknowledge who James really is. Although confronting, the experience leaves James with a greater sense of acceptance. Witnessing Olivia and her unwavering love and support for James challenges George to be as courageous when it comes to his own relationship. After much soul-searching, and an epiphany in Church, George overcomes his reservations and the lovers are reunited.

Jack attends a Christmas soiree at Carolyn’s apartment, throwing him in close proximity with Carolyn’s bohemian circle of friends. He moves beyond his initial prejudices to gain a greater understanding of homosexuality, drawing closer to Carolyn all the while. At the end of the night, she lays her heart on the line, admitting she’s still in love with him. Things turn passionate, until Jack’s demons kick in, causing him to flee in the grip of an anxiety attack. Carolyn’s understandably confused and hurt by his reaction.

Furious to learn that Andrew is coming to stay for Christmas, Anna brings Gino to dinner, openly defying Elizabeth’s wishes that their union remain under wraps. Andrew’s undaunted, brazenly declaring his intentions by giving Anna a flashy engagement ring. Determined to put a stop to his attention once and for all, Anna drops the ring into the collection plate during Christmas Eve Mass, publicly humiliating Andrew and making a dangerous enemy in the process…

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