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It’s Official: A Place To Call Home Cancelled + Save A Place To Call Home Facebook Page

Image635380312824674886We got the jitters about “A Place To Call Home” not returning for Season 3 when we read The Sydney Morning Herald on 5 June. Now it’s been confirmed. The show has been cancelled!

TV Week and other media agencies have also confirmed the cancellation.

The fans are trying to muster up support via Facebook but it appears, barring a miracle, our favourite show has been axed for good. The “Save A Place to Call Home” Page is up and running!


The Sydney Morning Herald today (10 June 2014) reports:

Seven’s period drama A Place To Call Home has been prematurely axed mid-way through its second season, although the remaining episodes will go to air.

The show, set in the 1950s and starring Noni Hazlehurst, Marta Dusseldorp, Brett Climo and newcomer Abby Earl, enjoyed a stellar launch only one year ago, when it became the top rating Australian drama of 2013, with an average five-city audience of 1.47 million.

But the show has struggled to find an audience this year, with last Sunday’s episode pulling 855,000 viewers. Significantly, the audience is skewing to the older demographic, with the over-55s comprising roughly 60 per cent of the audience, compared to Seven’s prime-time average of 39 per cent for the 55-plus audience.

Curiously, however, the remaining episodes of season two contain a significant story twist that would have provided considerable intrigue for the third season, which is understood to have already been written by the show’s creator Bevan Lee.

Options to renew the roles for actors contracted to the show lapsed several weeks ago and Seven today confirmed that filming of season three would not proceed.

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