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Save A Place To Call Home Petition

A Place to call home is the Australian Downton Abbey. It is a true gem and giving it a third season would give it a chance to gain a greater audience. It is said the majority of the audience are over 50, well I’m 16 and am way too hooked onto this fabulous show. I love Downton Abbey and all period dramas, but A place to call home represents something special, it proves we can make high quality period dramas in Australia. For me it is personal, it is about Australia, the home of the characters and my home. Channel 7 cannot be permitted to make such a blunderous mistake as to axe a show that is so vital to the Australia film industry and is showing us off on the global stage. Please sign this petition and show your support, together with enough support we can make Channel 7 take back their axe and renew A place to call home for a third season.

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