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A Place To Call Home Facebook Group Update–Let’s Save APTCH!

I received a very nice note from Peter Vernon who is the admin of the Facebook group The “Save A Place To Call Home” Group. There are over 875 members and growing. Fans are upset that our favourite show “A Place To Call Home” has been axed prematurely. Let’s unite and save our show!



Welcome to the group Ladies and Gent’s – we’d love it if you could write lots of letters!!! Please read this post first! If you’d like to share the link to this group hover your mouse over this link and a share option will display or copy and paste it onto your timeline:

Who to write to:

Lots of people are asking who they should write to so here’s a list:

Tim Worner – CEO Seven Network
Brad Lyons – Head of Programming
John Holmes – Executive Producer
Julie McGauren – Executive Producer.
Bevan Lee – Network Script Executive (he created APTCH) and works for 7

The address to mail it to is:

PO Box 777
Pyrmont NSW 2009

Or fax to 02 8777 7180.

I have also heard that if we still write to the complaints officer that the complaint letter is tabled at the Seven Media Trust Board meeting so we should continue to send letters to “The Complaints Officer” at the PO Box address.

There’s also Kerry Stokes, Executive Chairman of Seven West Media – he owns the Seven Network

Kerry Stokes
Seven West Media Limited,
50 Hasler Road, Osborne Park,
Western Australia, 6017

Tel: (08) 9482 3111 Fax: (08) 9482 9080

If you are addressing it to one of the actual people above then let’s try marking it “Private and Confidential” or “TO BE OPENED BY THE ADDRESSEE ONLY” as well. This may stop it being opened by anyone else.

If you can it would be great if you can print out comments from Facebook, or a website where people have been commenting on the axing of APTCH and include them with a letter.

If you’d like to invite people to the group you can use this link:

Also if you live in Sydney please contact our admin Jeni Lewington as she is organising a special event and we need all the Sydneysiders we can get!

Sorry I know there is a lot here but I hope it’s helpful!