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Episode Synopsis: Season 2 Episode 8 – “Answer Me, My Love”


A Place To Call Home
Season 2 Episode 8 “Answer Me, My Love”

Sarah arrives in Paris to try to forge a connection with her husband Rene, who carries immense scars, both physical and psychological.

She’s heartbroken to discover he’s lost in his own world, failing to even acknowledge her presence. Sarah battles with guilt, brought on by the fact that until recently, she was engaged to another man – no matter the circumstances, to Sarah it feels like a betrayal of her love for Rene. She works hard to reconnect and the heartbreaking task is emotionally draining. Her faith tested, she begs him for a sign to continue. Eventually her devotion is rewarded when Rene says her name, buoyed by the power of love.

Back in Inverness, broken-hearted George hits the bottle, using alcohol to dull the pain. James does his best to pick up the pieces. Sickened by Elizabeth’s part in George’s heartache, Anna moves to the cottage in disgust. Jack’s concerned about Elizabeth’s health and proposes a sojourn to the city. But Elizabeth feels responsible for George’s current state, so she’s determined to stay and do what she can to help him move on, goading him to release the poison that’s consuming him. Eventually George lashes out with some devastating home-truths, leaving Elizabeth in no doubt about the perilous state of her relationship with her son.

Regina continues to circle George, trying to enlist his help in her latest project – renovating the Walker farm. Initially hostile towards her, George thaws somewhat when introduced to her new boyfriend, Adam Farrell. Regina presents as genuinely remorseful for her part in George’s heartache, claiming she was trying to endear herself to the family by pleasing Elizabeth. George decides not to hold a grudge against Regina, placing the blame squarely with his mother. Elizabeth is scathing about Regina’s ploy, assuming she is trying to make George jealous. Little does she know, Regina has something much more fiendish in store. Tension between the two women continues to build, with Regina almost pushing Elizabeth to a heart attack.

Jack’s finding it increasingly difficult to act normally around Anna, and surprises them both by lecturing her like a father over her attitude towards Elizabeth. The moment enables Anna to finally put the pieces together, and Carolyn confirms the truth. Finally, Jack and Anna can acknowledge they are father and daughter – and Jack even delivers his first piece of fatherly advice.

Meanwhile, Olivia receives word that it’s time to put her plan into action – the woman willing to give up her unwanted child has gone into labour. Andrew assuages Olivia’s last-minute nerves and accompanies her to hospital, where she undergoes the trauma of having her stillborn child induced, and replaced with another, healthy baby. James and George are overjoyed at the baby’s arrival, unaware of the deception that has taken place. Facing a lifetime of lying, Olivia now knows from painful experience what James went through.