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Marta Dusseldorp visits remote indigenous communities–Daily Telegraph 22 September 2014


CELEBRATED actor Marta Dusseldorp has signed on as an ambassador for Save The Children and it’s turned out to be an educational experience not just for her.

The A Place To Call Home actor took her two daughters — Grace, seven, and Maggie, four, and husband Ben Winspear to visit remote indigenous communities in the Northern Territory.

“My daughters made new friends and will no doubt be talking about this experience for a long time to come,” Dusseldorp told Confidential.

“It’s been fantastic to travel here with my husband and two daughters, who also went on the daily bus run and took part in the activities with children from the Northern Territory.”


Dusseldorp, also known for her work on Crownies, spent the past week visiting the communities of Bagot and Belyuen, checking out Save The Children’s Intensive Supported Playscheme that combines structured activities with play for children aged up to five.

“Save the Children works with communities and their families with such first hand cultural understanding and whole hearted compassion. They have also been so welcoming to me and my kids,” Dusseldorp said.




“Inside Save the Children it feels like an extended family and a home. Save the Children has been working for more than 10 years in the Northern Territory. It has grown and is becoming stronger than ever. They give back to community, employing from communities, with the community, bridging gaps and helping people maintain and connect with their culture.”


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