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Actress Marta Dusseldorp Shows Us What’s Inside Her Summer Beach Bag


RESCU: What are your summer beach bag essentials?
Marta Dusseldorp: A wide brimmed hat, long sleeve light cotton top, Ultraceuticals SunActive 50+ as it’s also 4 hours water resistant, a good book and a big bottle of cold water. Plus, snacks for the kids because they always get hungry at the beach!

RESCU: What’s your most memorable childhood summer memory?
Marta Dusseldorp: Being burnt so badly on the back of my legs! I couldn’t sit in the car on the way home – I had been building an amazing sandcastle and forgot about covering up!

RESCU: How old were you when you first realised it was time to slip, slop, slap?
Marta Dusseldorp: After that… so, about eight years old. As I’ve gotten older I have become less interested in being in the sun and more interested in staying under cover as much as I can! I have taught my kids from a very young age it is absolutely essential to slip, slop, slap everyday (even when the sun isn’t beating down), as our Australian climate is so harsh.

RESCU: What’s your favourite family holiday destination?
Marta Dusseldorp: At the moment it is Northern Territory; exploring Kakadu and Arnhem Land, seeing the people, the rock art, the culture and stories. The landscape and the animals… it’s wild and free.

RESCU: Is there a smell or moment that marks the beginning of summer for you?
Marta Dusseldorp: Jasmine. It’s the flower that reminds me of having hope and my brother.

RESCU: What’s your favourite Australian beach?
Marta Dusseldorp: Bondi. I hit Bondi Beach and I feel home. I have always made it my place to find some inner peace and also just have a great swim.

RESCU: What’s your favourite summer drink or cocktail?
Marta Dusseldorp: My favourite summer drink is lemon, lime and bitters.

RESCU: If you were stranded on a desert island what would be the 3 things you’d have to have to survive?
Marta Dusseldorp: My kids, my pillow and my sense of humour!


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